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Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

History of Egg Harbor

Egg Harbor is located along the bay side of Door County Peninsula and boasts a wide variety of artists and has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the United States.

Our tiny village of Egg Harbor got its name in 1825 when fur traders were out in the waters and they were looking for a place to dock on their way to Green Bay.

Mrs Elizabeth Baird, a young passenger in one of the boats involved, wrote in her journal that the battle began when men in a six-boat trading flotilla began throwing hardtack at each other while approaching a spot of land, until they ran out of ammunition.

A little later, she saw eggs flying in the air, some of which struck her head. The leader tried to stop the battle, but the fun was “too fierce to be readily given up.”

When they camped on that spot of land, she wrote that a storm was brewing - another egg storm! The great egg battle ended only for want of ammunition, and the men “laughed until exhausted.”

Next morning, the shore was strewn with eggshells. Speeches were delivered, and the spot was formally christened Egg Harbor.

Eggs being a part of its history, it was surprising to know that as of 1994 there were no eggs in Egg Harbor. The Dovetail Gallery wanted to remedy that. We had housed an extensive Egg Museum of over 500 decorative eggs including a Dinosaur and Fabregé eggs, and have donated that collection throughout the village.